About Robin Stoltman 

Your life will never be the same....

Your life will never be the same....

God gave me a way to heal myself without medications and traditional talk therapy after surviving and overcoming horrible major life traumas. I got tired of pill popping as I call it for depression, anxiety meds, etc and the talking about the problem therapy (talk therapy) to where I never did feeI better. I wasted time, energy and years of my life that I cannot get back not to mention medications leave side effects or cause problems later in life. Since using hypnosis as I found it in February 2018 that saved my life allowing me to become the person I always knew I could be and one without any medications as I released over 10 health issues like fibromaliga, depession, anxiety, ptsd, etc I knew I had to learn hypnotherapy so I could share this life changing gift with the world as drugs or alcohol are never "solutions" not even for "social anxiety".

If you believe like I do that you deserve better in life and desire a better fullfilled life where you do have more control over your thoughts and emotions then book now.

If you want to: 

  • Release doubts, negative emotions, anxiety, and unconscious beliefs that are stopping you
  • Overcome fears, habits, emotions and infertility
  • Become the best version of yourself
  • ​Get your mind and body into alignment giving you real, long lasting, results.

No other fertility, or parenting programs deal with your underlying doubts, fears, beliefs and energy blocks quickly and effectively. I have tested everything I do on myself first before treating others with any of my methods. My method has helped women who had failed IVF and unexplained infertility have their dream baby. 

In addition to my diploma in Hypnotherapy, I am certified in over 20 areas related to human behaviors. I earned a director's award from the nation's only accredited college of hypnotherapy, Hypnosis Motivation Institute. 

I am Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Member and I am licensed to Facilitate, Speak, Coach and Train using the Maxwell Method. I am a Heartmath certified Intervention practitioner as well. I am a certified Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master and yes I can certify you in Holy Fire Reiki as well.

I have been featured in over dozens of media outlets such as Giddy Magazine, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global and many others. I have only a few of my certifications I have earned below.

Why Choose me

With years of experience and intensive training at the nation's only accredited hypnotherapy school, Robin is the practitioner of choice when you're ready to unleash inner healing and embark on your path to wellness. Make the right choice for your health and book your consultation today.

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