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Becoming Free From The Fear Of Failure

The Fear of Failure is one of the most common restraints that holds people back from pursuing great ideas. Imagine if we could become totally free from the fear of failure. Imagine what we could then manifest and create. In this interview series, we are talking to leaders who can share stories and insights from their experience about “Becoming Free From the Fear of Failure.”


Unstoppable: How Robin Stoltman made incredible accomplishments despite having a traumatic brain injury

Disability still has the word ‘ability’ in it. Instead of looking at the word as not being able to do something, look at it instead as being able to do something but with modifications. For example, if your eyes are bad, it’s not a disability when you can wear glasses.


The Trials and Tribulations of Living With a CPAP Machine

Robin Stoltman is a motivational speaker, hypnotherapist and healer based in Watertown, South Dakota. She has been a CPAP user for more than a decade and said the annoyance her machine entails doesn't come close to outweighing its importance..


Healing for the Soul’s hypnotherapist empowers people to become their best selves

Our guest today is Robin Stoltman, a certified hypnotherapist with the American Hypnosis Association, whose approach to hypnotherapy is to empower people to become the best version of themselves with the help of hypnosis.


How to Finally Love Yourself

Achieving time alone even in short increments improves understanding of ourselves and what we desire for ourselves. It also allows us to see our main focus and if what we are attracting into our lives is good or bad. For those who believe in the law of attraction, that time alone boosts our focus to […]


E61 - Robin Stoltman - Healing for the Soul

Strong, Single and Human is a uniquely real podcast dedicated to all the single parents navigating through the challenges of raising children alone.


You Were Made to Be Upstoppable

In these pages, you will connect with women who have been in life's battles and decide to take their power back and live their soul’s purpose to bring out the positive influence to better the world. Each of the co-authors here has poured their hearts into every word they share in this book with our intention that we all can touch even one heart….we all are honored to be here for you. We hope you believe in yourself a little bit more and become….unstoppable


Hypnotist opens business in Watertown

Robin Stoltman, a hypnotist, a mom and an owner of a few home-based businesses, has opened Healing For The Soul in Watertown. Stoltman took her initial training in Las Vegas, Nevada, in August 2018. She’s currently attending college at Hypnosis Motivation Institute out of California to further her education. She expects to have her diploma as a hypnotherapist by the end of June 2019.


Optimistic Conception During Hard Time, Robin Stoltman, Fertility Empowerment Show

💖💖Never lose hope even if you are diagnosed with infertility. I always admire Robin who believe in power of healing. 🎤In this episode of Fertility Empowerment Show, you will learn: How hypnosis can help you create a safe place for you to raise your baby in your womb💥The role of positive surroundings in optimizing your pregnancy health 💥How Self hypnosis aids fertility and mindful Love 💥How hypnotherapy helps from childhood trauma, child loss...


YPN Hot Seat: Robin Stoltman

Join us as we interview Robin Stoltman with Healing for the Soul Hypnosis for this week's episode of YPN Hot Seat!


How To Stop Being An Angry Mom: 11+ Actionable Steps Included

Do you find yourself yelling at your kids a lot these days? Does it seem like you just can’t get through to them without raising your voice? If you’re wondering how to stop being an angry mom, then I have a few tools to help you.

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Naturally Conceived: How To Get Pregnant, Explain Unexplained Infertility And Prevent Miscarriages By Unleashing Your Reproductive Power Even After 40

#1 Amazon Best Selling Book in Canada, A practical guide of how to discover the causes and remedies for unexplained infertility and connect the mind and body for a healthy pregnancy, explained by conventional medical doctors and complementary medicine practitioners.


Ribbon cuttings return as businesses celebrate openings

Stoltman, who is a certified hypnotherapist from the nation’s only accredited college of hypnotherapy, started her business in 2018. Her clients have come from as far as California and Kansas, in addition to South Dakota and her native Minnesota.


Kizzi's Health and Well-Being

Mindset & Your Programming is the name of the chapter I wrote contributing to this book.


Tales from the Nifty Thrifty Shop

This Sunday’s show, Tales from the Nifty Thrifty Shop, will feature an anthology of stories written by members of The Alexandria Word Weavers writers group. Paulette Friday, Tracy Hedlof, Rick Tvrdik, Marge Van Gorp, Robin Stoltman, Bob Sievers and Barbara Lund Thompson all contributed vignettes. They were adapted for radio by Bob Sievers and Ann Hermes. The show was directed by Claudia Bursch

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"My husband and myself met with Robin on Monday evening, April 21st, 2022. She was extremely professional and asked a lot of questions to get to know us and hear our thoughts and ideas. We were impressed with her knowledge and materials. Her thoughtfulness and thoroughness along with follow through was great. She answered all of our questions and provided wonderful qualifications/credentials for her services. I would recommend giving her services a try and seeing if hypnotherapy or another service she offers is right for you."

Jodi Engels, Watertown, SD

"I have learned that in this field there are many phonies who promise results but really don't have a clue on how to deliver them. Most are about as useful as using a screwdriver to hammer a nail into a wall. Robin is different. She is honest with where you are at and knows how to instantly change the programming in your brain and nervous system to help you reach your destination as long as you are willing to follow through with the work. For each person that destination is different, but the mindset it takes to get there has certain basic principles that are similar. I highly recommend Robin for you to work with at changing your mindset to get to the next level. Robin is also great at Reiki and you will feel more clear and grounded when you leave her session."

John Jacobs, SD

“Robin is absolutely amazing!! She has truly changed my life in just 5 sessions. She is compassionate, knowledgeable and professional. If you are like me and are looking into alternative medicine to help heal yourself with whatever you are struggling with, then Robin is an excellent resource!“

Brianna Chase, SD