Frequently asked questions about holy fire reiki

The Wonderful World of Holy Fire Reiki

 What is Reiki?

Usui Holy Fire Reiki was developed by William Lee Rand and is evidence based Reiki involving heat from the practitioner flowing to you allowing you to heal. It feels like a deep massage for the soul cleaning. Having reiki done removes all the negative energy we pick up from other people. It is very healing.

 What happens during an in person reiki appointment?

The lights are down to create a relaxing healing environment so you can let go of all the cares and worries of the day. I do not do any "readings" as that is not a part of reiki.

I start out with an guided imagery meditation (hypnosis) along with burning sage while you lay on the massage table. I keep my hands about 3 inches above you the whole time as I treat your aura, chakras and overall energy field.

To enhance clearing your energy I may use the I may use Young Living Essential oils, crystal singing sound bowls, chanting and or toning to clear energy blocks.

 Distant Reiki:

The appointment is on zoom. As you relax in a recliner or comfortable chair I can send you reiki while I am in my reiki room.

The video below shows you a sample of a child reiki session at my current office.

  What will I experience?

While the experience of reiki is different for everyone every time most people report feeling deeply relaxed. People have seen colors and feel warm from the reiki healing energy during treatment. People have reported feeling lighter and like a weight has been lifted off them.

  Can you teach me Holy Fire Reiki?

Yes. I can teach you Holy Fire reiki to use on yourself and others in 1 weekend class. You will get a certificate, symbols and manual in each class. If you choose to start your own reiki business I can help you get started. I do offer classes monthly (online/in person) with a limit of 4 students in each class so be sure to get signed up asap.


Get Certified in  Holy Fire Reiki

As a Professional Member of the Reiki Membership Association I can certify you in Holy Fire Reiki.

Each class brings new information, symbols and healing into your life.

Find a class today to get certified in reiki over the weekend!

If you want to start a business I can help with that too!