Having a Baby Naturally Can Happen For You Too!
Let me show you how!

Does life have you Anxious? (can’t breathe, heart racing, mind racing) Do you ever have Overwhelming stress of managing kids, career and relationships?
Does everyone depend on you or expects you to get it done for them? 
Do you feel not good enough?

Hi, my name is Robin Stoltman. I am America's #1 Intuitive Parenting Expert. I am a Healer, an Author, Speaker and a Podcast Host. I am a Mom of 6 living children and counting with 5 of them being boys. All my children came via back to back c-sections in 7 years time.

After I unlocked the power of my own mind, transforming what was meant to break me into powerful feedback as to never give up. I now show other Moms how to do the same. How will your life change by investing in your most valuable

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How to use a Vision Board Correctly

Did you know there is a wrong and a right way to make a vision board? The words you use on a vision board along with the images reinforces what you are attracting. The wrong word(s) will keep you stuck. Using this pdf will guide you into making the correct vision board along with how to use it towards the life you deserve. Enjoy!


Mom Boss Success Tracker

Getting this downloadable tracker to help you keep track of your successes is one key to your wins. I have used this tracker since 2019 as it's allowed me to change tasks when needed that overall keeps me accountable to tasks I know I need to do to run a successful business. Its more than a tracker considering it shows data over time when I am more productive for what days, weeks and months allowing time to plan for those events based off my past history. This tracker seems too simple and yet it produces results.


Multiple Child Family Checklist

Reclaim Your Family! Get the Multiple Child Customizable Family Checklist today and regain control of your household in a peaceful and organized way. Stop the madness, start the harmony. Included are a few ideas to help you connect to your child without the screens.



Unsure about Life Coaching, Hypnosis, or Reiki? Let's find a solution that suits you, in a quick Zoom call.


Get Sleep Now

Simple, yet powerful guided meditation to help you fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night!


Overcoming Sales Rejection

Do you hate getting rejected in sales? Yeah, me too. That is why I created this very helpful recording to help you overcome that fear of getting "no". Better yet it will help you adopt the phrase: "some will, some won't, whose next" much easier. Buy it today!


Money Magnet

Money Magnet


Money & Freedom Pt.1

Gain clarity of being able to understand on a deeper level of what money represents to you whetere it is a symbol or sign of some kind this will help you come to understand how to attract more of it into your life.


Money & Freedom pt 2

Money and freedom diving deeper into learning more about your relationship with money to unlock even more more powerful data to help yourself increase your wealth.


Sample Relaxation no background music

Sample Relaxation no background music




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