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I'm Robin Stoltman

I am Super Mom, the Master of : Behaviors, Healing, and Mindset. I am an Author, a Speaker, a Podcast Host of Healing for the Soul as well as CEO & Founder of Healing for the Soul+ LLC.

My mission is to help Faith based couples experience the amazing gift of being parents. Using my proprietary Mindset Infertility Revolution, you will experience a deeper connection with yourself as we remove anxiety, doubts, and other beliefs that are holding you back. 

I struggled with infertility for over 5 years and once I removed the blocks I had. I have successfully spent the last 10 years being pregnant as breastfeeding is still considered pregnant in the medical world.

I had PCOS. I was diagnosed with Hastimotos. I was told I would never have children. I cured myself of the issues I mentioned above among many more.

My legal medical disclaimer is this: I cannot cure you of your problems only the government is allowed to say that one.  : ) being I am not a doctor.

The problem is the medical world focuses on "science" prescribing medications including birth control to get the hormones started. They don't study to understand the mind-body-soul connection that is 100% left out in Western Medicine. Your friends and family tell you "just relax and it will happen". Yeah if only anyone one of them actually knew truly what was going on for how you felt that may work.

I am a Proud Graduate of America's only Accredited College of Hypnotherapy where I earned my diploma in Hypnotherapy and a Directors Award. In addition I have over 20 certifications I earned.

Truth is we all carry beliefs that can become mental blocks that are the true underlying reasons why you are stuck. Example is procrasination is a mental block that stems from a underlying belief that caused it. 

Here are a few examples below of beliefs you may have that are blocking you from having children:

1. Children are expensive.
2. Wait until your "ready" to have kids as they cost a lot.
3. Get your career going first before you have kids.
4. All the media outlets posting about a baby found in the dumpster or the children being "forgotten" in the back seat of a hot car...

Needless to say there are a long list of the bad, horrible negative programming you have received over your life time not included on this list. These beliefs, doubts, fears, and anxieties must be removed by removing the root underlying causes that is held deep within the unconscious mind. Doubts, fears, anxieties you have about IVF if it will or won't work, and even the doubt of using hypnotherapy to get pregnant must be removed in order to get unstuck. I have all the tools and resources you need to accomplish creating a healthy dream baby in less than 90 days.


​Are you Secretly resenting and hating women who are heavier than you who can have kids??

  • ​​Are your doctors blaming your weight, your lifestyle, your horomones, PCOS, and or thyroid issues as to "why" you are not getting pregnant?
  • ​Have you been feeling stuck, hopeless, or like there is something wrong with you even if you are doing "all the right things" to get pregnant?
  • ​Have you been labled with "Unexplained Infertility" as in no medical reason why you can't get pregnant?
  • Is your Love life affected where sex has now become a chore at times and all those negative pregnancy tests only depress you more?

If you answered YES, to any of the above, You need to ​​Remove the cultural negative programming for life that is stopping you from having your dream baby.

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Lexi S, Arizona

"Robin is an extremely caring practitioner. Not only is she an empathic listener, but she chooses the best hypnotherapy exercises based on what you are looking for help with. As this was my first hypnotherapy experience, she made me feel extremely comfortable and safe. Robin is very easy to talk to and has an open mind. I had been having trouble sleeping for about two weeks prior to this session and I slept like a baby after our session without the need of any aides. Aside from that physical improvement, there was definitely a spiritual improvement as I was looking for some guidance in other areas of my life and within 24 hours, answers became very clear for me. Thank you Robin for the work you are doing!”

Polly M., California

“Robin was not only great at helping me to work through some problems I was facing with self-confidence and my new business, but she is also so inspiring. She knows so much about the mind and all of the emotional struggles that come up and how to deal with them. She’s comforting, caring and really willing to help in whatever way she can that helped me get the result I wanted. I enjoyed working with her and she really knows her stuff.”

Satomi G., New York

"Robin helped me to clear subconscious negativity related to having a child before I was able to conceive and she replaced it with truly beautiful positive images and feelings that were not affected by my parents or somebody else's opinions.

Robin is knowledgeable about the things that nobody told me regarding getting pregnant and pregnancy itself as a first time Mother and it was a gift that she has been with me by motivating, understanding and navigating through this journey!

I recommend Robin to anybody who wants to experience this miracle and beauty of bringing a life into this world and on-going."