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I'm Robin Stoltman

I am Super Mom, America's #1 Intuitive Parenting Expert. I am an Author, a Master of Behaviors and Communication, a Transformational Mindset Speaker, and Trainer. I am a Podcast Host of Healing for the Soul as well as CEO & Founder of Healing for the Soul+ LLC.

Do you ever feel so stressed out from life? You already know you are the one who manages it all...the kids, relationships and work. At times you may even feel unfulfilled at times.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the demands of parenting, work, and relationships?

Yet you maybe wondering how those perfect families you know those ones you see online all the time manage to navigate life's challenges without resorting to yelling, spanking their kids or using screens?

Have you been seeking a better way to handle stress and create harmony in your home? These struggles do spill over into your work life, impacting your relationships with colleagues. Face it at work your employer does not take the time or the effort to develop you personally. They probably don't care enough about their employees to grow more leaders or even take the time to get to know you beyond you just being another number for them to pay. Am I right? (Its honestly horrible how many employers refuse to invest in their employees beyond training them for their required position and yet they expect you to stay loyal to them)

If you have done traditional approaches like talk therapy or even CBT and have turned to medications yet they do not provide real long lasting solutions. Don't forget all those nasty side effects from them too. Or maybe you have had therapy and it did not help like you hoped it would. (I did it all too without any success thats why insurance pays for it to keep you stuck.)

Ditch the rat race of life's expectations and traditional failed models. If you're ready for real, long-term change with proven results that last to have your fulfilling family life with inner peace you can have it all.

Working together I will teach you and guide you to having the happy, healthy, confident and prosperous environment you and your family deserves. Book Now with America's #1 Intuitive Parenting Expert for the freedom you deserve.​

I am a Proud Graduate of Hypnosis Motivation Institute as its America's only Accredited College of Hypnotherapy where I earned my diploma in Hypnotherapy along with a Directors Award. In addition I have over 20 certifications I earned.


Lexi S, Arizona

"Robin is an extremely caring practitioner. Not only is she an empathic listener, but she chooses the best hypnotherapy exercises based on what you are looking for help with. As this was my first hypnotherapy experience, she made me feel extremely comfortable and safe. Robin is very easy to talk to and has an open mind. I had been having trouble sleeping for about two weeks prior to this session and I slept like a baby after our session without the need of any aides. Aside from that physical improvement, there was definitely a spiritual improvement as I was looking for some guidance in other areas of my life and within 24 hours, answers became very clear for me. Thank you Robin for the work you are doing!”

Polly M., California

“Robin was not only great at helping me to work through some problems I was facing with self-confidence and my new business, but she is also so inspiring. She knows so much about the mind and all of the emotional struggles that come up and how to deal with them. She’s comforting, caring and really willing to help in whatever way she can that helped me get the result I wanted. I enjoyed working with her and she really knows her stuff.”

Satomi G., New York

"Robin helped me to clear subconscious negativity related to having a child before I was able to conceive and she replaced it with truly beautiful positive images and feelings that were not affected by my parents or somebody else's opinions.

Robin is knowledgeable about the things that nobody told me regarding getting pregnant and pregnancy itself as a first time Mother and it was a gift that she has been with me by motivating, understanding and navigating through this journey!

I recommend Robin to anybody who wants to experience this miracle and beauty of bringing a life into this world and on-going."