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I'm Robin Stoltman

I am America's #1 Intuitive Parenting Mentor. I am an Author, a Healer, a Speaker, a Trainer, a Podcast Host as well as CEO & Founder of Healing for the Soul+ LLC.

My mission is to help Faith based Moms have a more deeper connection with themselves and their families. 

If you are struggling with Infertility I am still for you...I remember the days as not seeing myself as a Mom to humans only to my four legged kids. I struggled with infertility for over 5 years.

If you have ever felt like sex is more of chore than enjoyable...you secretly resent people who have kids because you don't....you find yourself wondering what is wrong with you no matter what the doctor tests say... Let's talk.

If you are already a parent...are you struggling to get your kids to listen?

Have you dealt with those lovely teenage moods that at times drives you crazy?

Have you struggled with trying to understand your child?

If yes, lets talk.


What if you could?

  • ​Quickly Deal With Stress And Keep It From Negatively Affecting Your Relationships (yes, it does stop you from conceiving)
  • ​Find And Maintain That Balance To Enjoy Life
  • ​ ​​Leave The Stress Of The Parenting Behind Without Having to Wait Until They Leave Home

Do You Want The Real SECRET To Having A Meaningful Life?

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I am a Proud Graduate of America's only Accredited College of Hypnotherapy

Healing comes from within



Lexi S, Arizona

"Robin is an extremely caring practitioner. Not only is she an empathic listener, but she chooses the best hypnotherapy exercises based on what you are looking for help with. As this was my first hypnotherapy experience, she made me feel extremely comfortable and safe. Robin is very easy to talk to and has an open mind. I had been having trouble sleeping for about two weeks prior to this session and I slept like a baby after our session without the need of any aides. Aside from that physical improvement, there was definitely a spiritual improvement as I was looking for some guidance in other areas of my life and within 24 hours, answers became very clear for me. Thank you Robin for the work you are doing!”

Polly M, California

“Robin was not only great at helping me to work through some problems I was facing with self-confidence and my new business, but she is also so inspiring. She knows so much about the mind and all of the emotional struggles that come up and how to deal with them. She’s comforting, caring and really willing to help in whatever way she can that helped me get the result I wanted. I enjoyed working with her and she really knows her stuff.”

Bobbie R, SD

“She is amazing, Robin made me feel so Comfortable. She takes the time to talk to you and get to know you a bit before she worked on me. She gave me different suggestions as to what we should work on. She knew exactly what I was needing help with. She isn’t in this for the money. She is genuine and an all around amazing person. I just need more excuses to work with her again!!!!! “

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Healing For The Soul+ BBB Business Review